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9 " 1720's style sterling silver coffee pot and sugar bowl, Bryan Savage, London 1979, 250mm, total 964g.
holds just over 25fl.ozs or 710ml.
m7403 498
9" early George II style coffee pot, Bryan Savage, London 1979, total 788g. m5510 550
9 " Queen Anne style coffee pot & hot milk jug, J H Odell, London 1977, 248mm, 1044g. m7124 716
9" early Georgian style coffee pot, T Hill, Birmingham 1974, 230mm, total 779g. m7295 398
9 " 1760's style coffee pot, Walker & Hall, Birmingham 1966, 244mm, total 717g.
holds 1 pints or 850ml
m6904 393
1780's style tea set, William Hutton, Sheffield 1940, 1200ml, total 1058g.
rapid pourer
m6796 469
1 pint solid silver tea set, Bravingtons, Birmingham 1938, 282mm, total 889g. m6791 432
7 " coffee pot, CS Harris, London 1934, 198mm, 543g.
holds one pint two fluid ounces or 625ml
m7123 400
Art Deco three piece tea set, A L Davenport, Birmingham 1932, 242mm, total 648g. m6768 280
9" 1760's style hot water pot, David Fullerton, London 1931, 228mm, total 489g.
holds 24 fluid ounces or 700ml
m6923 240
9" coffee pot, Tessiers Ltd., London 1927, 826g. M4428 675
8" coffee pot, Alstons & Hallam, London 1925, total 515g.
holds 1 pints
m6102 300
8 " coffee set, Adie Brothers, Birmingham 1925, 420g. m5113 500
11" tea pot, Barker Brothers, Chester 1924, 280mm, total 563g.
holds 40 fluid ounces or 1140ml
m6946 324
Large silver gilt three piece tea set, Barker Brothers, Chester 1914, total 1387g. m5780 711
Arts & Crafts tea set, Mappin & Webb, Sheffield 1913, 1200ml, total 993g. m6795 489
Magnificent antique English Arts & Crafts sterling silver coffee pot, John Round, London 1912, 882g. m7882 518
9 " coffee pot, Mappin & Webb, Sheffield 1908, total 650g.
holds 2 pints
m6033 510
Tea pot, Henry Wigfull, Sheffield 1907, 306mm, 1200ml, 731g. m6658 275
Art Nouveau three piece tea set, James Deakin, Sheffield 1907, total 1070g. m6450 450
9 " coffee pot, Atkin Brothers, Sheffield 1905, total 672g. m5782 450
Pretty little Edwardian solid sterling silver three piece tea set, Arthur Cook, Birmingham 1903, total 504g.
holds one pint three fluid ounces or 650ml.
m7296 288
11" coffee pot, Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1901, total 772g. m6449 330
8" antique sterling silver 'tete a tete' coffee pot in early Queen Anne style, Francis Higgins, London 1900, 198mm, total 365g. m7811 248
9 " coffee pot, Thomas Bradbury, London 1900, 547g. m5618 390
Three piece tea set, William Hutton & Sons, London 1899, 1419g. m5683 840
9 " silver tea pot and sugar bowl, Atkin Brothers, Sheffield 1898, 600ml, 236mm, total 624g.
engraved 'C.A', perfect pourer, holds one pint
m6890 305
1740's style small coffee pot, Henry Stratford, London 1898, 210mm, 460ml, 452g. m6688 225
8 " tea pot, Charles Stuart Harris, London 1891, 328g. m5253 260
Hot water pot, Henry Stratford, Sheffield 1890, 178mm, 348g.
in need of some repair
m6673 150
Heavy Victorian silver gilt three piece tea set, Elkington & Co, Birmingham 1886, 266mm, 1000ml, 1149g. m6680 400
Victorian silver travelling pot, Abraham Brownett, London 1866, 108mm, silver 188g.
also marked for retailer Asprey, 166 Bond Street (London)
m8386 178
10" Neo-Classical English Georgian silver coffee pot, James Mince, London 1799, 260mm, total 807g. m7380 852
Georgian Old Sheffield Plate coffee biggin/pot, Matthew Boulton, Soho Manufactory, Birmingham 1780s, 188mm, total 699g.
holds 2 pints or 1420ml
m8239 98
Georgian sterling silver baluster form coffee pot, Richard Gurney & Thomas Cooke, London 1754, 704g.
no engraving, holds 27 fl.ozs, 800ml
m7779 798
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