DESCRIPTION Tasteful, good quality antique English early Victorian solid sterling silver chamberstick with detachable sconce and conical snuffer on long silver chain. Gadroon edge decoration to drip pan and sconce, plain snuffer cone, wonderfully cast and decorated thumbpiece and the original monogram engraving before the capital. Fully hallmarked to drip pan (base), snuffer and sconce. Additional mark within the capital that maybe of the silversmith who sold his work to the large firm of Wilkinson who sent the piece for assay and then retailed it or the journey man working for Wilkinson. This mark would ensure that he got paid for his work.
These chambersticks were designed to sit on your hall table waiting to light your way to bed. Only a little light would be required for this so these are smaller than the candlesticks of the period and most likely burnt tallow sticks. Tallow sticks were made by dipping wick into melted mutton fat, waiting a moment for it to solidify and then repeating until you had your desired diameter. They gave off less light than a wax candlestick but were much cheaper. So, you would go to bed by a gently flickering soft light encompassed in the aroma of roasting lamb.
SILVERSMITH Henry Wilkinson & Co.
SIZE height to top of sconce 1 ", 42mm; width of drip pan (the base) 3 ", 91mm
SILVER STANDARD 925 sterling silver
CONDITION very good, nice and clear hallmarks, little bumps/digs to snuffer cone and repair to solder joint of cone to cone hook

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