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High quality 4 " antique English Victorian solid sterling silver chamberstick with octafoil drip pan, The Barnards, London 1841, 105mm, 154g.  m8487 398
Elegantly plain 3 " antique English Georgian solid sterling silver chamberstick with bead edge decoration Robert Jones & John Scofield, London 1775, 87mm, 88g. m8486 398
3 " antique English Victorian solid sterling silver chamberstick with detachable sconce and conical snuffer, Henry Wilkinson, Sheffield 1837, 84mm, total 157g. m8485 Reserved for R.R 398
Useful pair of 5 " good quality antique English Victorian loaded solid sterling silver acanthus column candlesticks, Edward Hutton, London 1891, 148mm, total 1049g. m8426 Reserved for C. 348
Superb pair of 8 " antique English George II cast solid sterling silver candlesticks by one of the most important specialist candlestick makers of the period, James Gould, London 1742, 206mm, 1082g.
the finest and most original examples available to mankind today
m8425 2998
High quality pair of 7 " George II style loaded sterling silver candlesticks, James Dixon, Sheffield 1965, 188mm, total 800g. m8424 Reserved for J.K 428
Good pair of 10+" vintage loaded sterling silver candlesticks, WI Broadway, Birmingham 1971, 257mm, total 1190g. m8403 268
Good pair of 9 " vintage loaded sterling silver candlesticks with removable sconces, MC Hersey, London 1987, 233mm, total 668g. m8401 248
Useful pair 4" English vintage solid sterling silver candlesticks with grape and vine engraved decoration, H.C. Davis, Birmingham 1964, 100mm, total 249g. m8348 38
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