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Superb antique English Victorian solid sterling silver three piece Christening set with Bright-cut engraved decoration and complete with the original, beautiful gilt tooled leather case with fully fitted silk and velvet interior. Blank cartouches front and back that have never been engraved or erased, London 1879.
the finest available to mankind
m8216 198
3" vintage English solid sterling silver gilt inscribed christening mug, Bert Gordon, Birmingham 1944, 74mm, 87g. m8099 58
Vintage English solid sterling silver two piece christening set, Sheffield 1936, 47g. m7989 38
Little Miss Muffett 3 " antique Edwardian English solid sterling silver child's spoon, Levi & Salaman, Birmingham 1910, 91mm, 16g. m7964 38
Little Miss Muffett 3 " antique English solid sterling silver child's spoon, Levi & Salaman, Birmingham 1911, 91mm, 16g. m7963 38

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4 " sterling silver ribbon & thread decorated coffee spoon, Sheffield 1930, 109mm, 11g.
social history within a small box, possibly
m7825 sold 8
6" antique English Victorian sterling silver christening spoon with bright-cut and prick-dot engraved decoration, William Hutton, London 1896, 154mm, silver 30g. m7824 sold 28
6" Hanoverian christening set, London 1886, 153mm, 58g.
no engraving
m7690 sold 50
Child's set featuring cherub decoration, Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1913, 143mm, silver 52g. m6677 sold 60
Victorian silver christening set, Aldwinckle & Slater, London 1886, total 124g. m7737

sold 75

Albany christening set, Francis Higgins, London 1883.
cased, no engraving
m7310 sold 113
6 " silver christening set, Martin, Hall Co., London 1874, 166mm, total 119g. m7777 sold 65
Antique Russian 6 " silver Fiddle child's spoon and fork, Vasily Semyonov, Moscow 1862, 164mm, 70g. m7747 sold 85
Cased child's set, Mary Chawner & George Adams, London 1840, 126g. M4735 sold 165