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SOLD Vintage Sterling Silver Condiment Sets

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Silver salt and pepper, Roberts & Belk, Sheffield 1980, silver 215g. m6764 125
High quality sterling silver condiment set complete with original spoons and hand made blue glass liners, silver 237g.
retailed by Asprey & Co. of New Bond Street, London
m7765 155
Large and heavy silver condiment set, Roberts & Belk, Sheffield 1969, silver 372g. m6629 240
Smaller condiment set, Alexander Smith, Birmingham 1966, silver 148g. m5316 130
Magnificent sterling silver condiment set, Francis Howard, Birmingham 1964, silver 233g, total 877g. m7826 252
Cased set, London 1962, silver 144g. M2800 148
Large silver condiment set, Suckling Ltd., Birmingham 1958, silver 402g.
lion masks and gadroon decoration
M4563 350
Condiment set with blue glass liners, Bruford & Son, Birmingham 1950, total 441g.
original fitted case
m7311 110
Large silver condiment, Walker & Hall, London 1938, silver 434g. m6594 275
Pair 4" salt and pepper casters, Emile Viner, Sheffield 1937, 92g. m5288 80
Art Deco condiment set, Adie Brothers, Birmingham 1931, silver 111g. m5769 170
Vintage sterling silver condiment set with blue glass liners, Birmingham 1927, silver 168g. m8005 140
Pierced silver condiment set, Nathan & Hayes, Chester 1913, silver 236g.
blue glass liners
m6056 165
Condiment set with cut card decoration, Alexander Clarke, Birmingham 1910, silver 174g. m5084 165
Gothic set, Henry Wilkinson, Sheffield 1837/8. M3554 445
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