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Miniature five piece tea and coffee set, Richards & Knight, London 1974, 149mm, 69g. m8658 150
4 " cast silver horse or pony, SMD Castings, London 1974, 107mm, 200g. m8333 758
2" nicely detailed vintage cast German silver animalier of Rhinoceros unicornis, 52mm, 29g. m8336 190
2" cast pig, 50mm, 47g. m8335 68
3" kangaroo, 77mm, 63g. m8332 312
Pin cushion modelled as a pig, Sydney & Co., Birmingham 1908, 48mm, total 16g. m8406 84
Three pin cushions comprising of the mother hen and two chicks, Sampson Mordan, Chester 1907. m8790 348
Miniature milk jug and tea pot, William Hutton, Birmingham 1907, 34mm, 14g. m8461 50
Miniature Art Nouveau lidded flagon with gilded interior, Saunders & Shepherd, Birmingham 1904, 43mm, 13g. m8441 178
Hanau silver miniature settee with rococo and floral swag decoration, Gebruder Glaser, London import 1902, 68mm, 33g. m8477 66
2" Antique Hanau silver miniature figure of a cherub reading aloud from a poetry book, or possibly delivering a love letter, London 1901. m8630 70
2 " Antique Hanau silver miniature figure of a cherub driving a donkey with panniers, both supported by a rococo plinth, William Moering, London 1899. m8632 148
1 " Antique Hanau silver miniature figure of a cherub forging a heart, William Moering, London 1899. m8631 88
German silver salon chair, Samuel Boaz Landeck, Sheffield 1898, 38mm, 7g. m8445 72
Victorian cast silver rococo arm chair, John George Smith, London 1897, 50mm, 16g. m8444 55
German silver miniature salon chair with rococo and cupid decoration, London import 1897, 48mm, 15g. m8476 75
Silver pail featuring putti, Neresheimer, Hanau C.1895, 34mm, 16g. m8443 41
5 " 19thC. Hanau silver animalier of a pheasant, Ludwig Neresheimer, 1890, 148mm, 57g.  m8330 98
3 " Victorian sterling silver shoe form pin cushion, Birmingham 1890, 81mm, total 64g. m8480 54
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