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Russian silver
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Six 7 " Fiddle spoons, Moscow 1894, 398g.
no engraving or erasure
m6337 sold 270
19th C. 8 " Russian silver spoon, Khlebnikov, 220mm, 88g. m6560 sold 76
19th C. 7 +" Russian silver gilt caviar serving spoon with engraved decoration, Ivan Alexeyev, Moscow 1889, 196mm, 63g. m6562 sold 50
19th C. 6 " Russian silver gilt sifter ladle, Khlebnikov, Moscow 1883, 169mm, 65g. m6559 sold 135
Russian silver gilt niello snuff box, Fyedor Maksomov, Moscow 1847, 64mm, 66g. m6681 sold 190
19th C. 6+" Russian silver spoon with engraved decoration, Matveo Gretchushnikov, Moscow 1845, 156mm, 35g. m6561 sold 30