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Vintage Danish solid silver preserve spoon, H. Danielsens, Copenhagen 1963, 138mm, 23g. m8428 28
Danish antique Art Nouveau solid silver preserve spoon, Christian F. Heise, Copenhagen 1914, 163mm, 22g. m8427 28
Six gilded Norwegian sterling silver coffee spoons with enamel decoration, Aksel Holmsen.
perfect original condition
m7990 sold 214
3 " Magnus Aase Norwegian silver Viking boat shaped salt with a gilded interior, Bergen, 85mm, 15g. m7968 sold 48
2 " silver gilt salt spoon, the bowl formed from 1870 Norwegian Carl XV 2 Skilling silver coin, 66mm, 3g. m7689 sold 28
5 " Swedish silver pedestal dish, Borgila, Stockholm 1952, 145mm, 173g. m6522 sold 145
7" sup sked or supping spoon, Hans Sprinckhorn (active 1693-1715) 50g.
four generations of 18th century familial initials engraved verso
m6029 sold 380
3 " silver gilt flared beaker, Anders Isleben, Norrkoping 1799, 72g. m5320 sold 150
4 " silver gilt flared beaker, Christoffer Bauman, Hudiksvall 1787, 114g. m5319 sold 450