DESCRIPTION Superb quality pair of Channel Islands silver sugar nips with an initial engraving to the rectangular box hinge and traces of gilding. Channel Islands sugar nips are astonishingly scarce. Shlosberg makes reference to only one pair by this maker.
SILVERSMITH Guillaume Henry. Beautifully marked to the outside of both grips. Mayne seems to like this silversmith and writes "In Guillaume Henry of Guernsey, we have the man, who, was the finest of all the Channel Islands' silversmiths. The superb quality of his work equalled that of the best London silversmiths ...... The hot milk jug which was sold in 1966 for 1700 is still the record price for a piece of Channel Islands' silver." (written in 1969, prices have probably changed now)
DATE or HALLMARK no date letter but stylistically I would have said 1725 if London made. As we are a few hundred miles from London 1730 is perfectly credible. Shlosberg dates the pair that he saw to 1730.
LENGTH 5", 128mm
SILVER STANDARD not marked but most likely .925 sterling silver
CONDITION excellent

Price 498
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