DESCRIPTION Exceptionally good and heavy antique English George II solid sterling silver two-handled cup. These items are also known today as caudle cups, posset pots and porringers. Which term you use will likely depend upon where you live and each is equally incorrect (historically) although for different reasons. The Victorian and Albert museum simply call their similar example of 1705 by John Sutton, 'cup' and I think this approach has merit. The earliest extant examples are from the 1650s but 16th century inventories exist in which examples are described as 'cups with ears'. This pleases me.
This large example is of standard form with a rope twist girdle above a lower band of fluting. Above and below the girdle and just above the fluting is engraved a band of alternating oak leaves and acorns. The cartouche is framed with chased scrolls and scale work and is engraved with an original betrothal engraving where "G" is the surname initial of the happy couple and "D" and "E" their first names and dated 1749. Verso is the next generation's monogram engraving of cursive script with multiple serifs typical of the latter part of the 18th century. Above this monogram is the name 'Charles Tovey' with a crest between that is probably 19th century. The hallmarks are good and clear for silver of this period with the maker striking his mark inverted.
SILVERSMITH Henry Brind. Henry was apprenticed to Richard Bayley on 5th March 1734 on the rather significant payment of 31 and 10shillings. Grimwade notes that Richard 'produced good plain hollow-ware such as tankards, jugs, tea and coffee-pots'. This cup fits that description being of good quality and with just enough decoration to be fashionable at the time but without any fanciful excesses. A very English piece.
WIDTH inc. handles 6 ", 168mm;     height 4 ", 111mm
CONDITION exceptionally good, thick silver, no erasures, both handles have received attention as I can see a little old solder within at both handles' bottom joints that would not have been there originally. I have tried to picture it but it is too small to show up well. The surface is pleasantly patinated in my opinion but it would polish up easily should you wish.

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