DESCRIPTION Scarce antique English Georgian solid sterling silver fancy back mote spoon in fantastic original condition and exceptionally good hallmarks for this type of item.
SILVERSMITH RH, registered mark likely to be in the lost smallworkers book 1739 to 1758. From the 1730s we have Roger Hare (spoonmaker) and Robert Humphreys (smallworker).
DATE or HALLMARK mid 18th century, mote spoons of this period never had a date letter. There was no legal requirement for it and scant space to strike upon. I had a Hanoverian fancy back table spoon with the same RH maker that had a clear date letter for 1755.
LENGTH 5", 128mm
SILVER STANDARD 925 sterling silver
CONDITION exceptionally good, no repairs, not recently polished and very pleasingly patinated, one of the best that I have seen in a very long time, black spot inside bowl in image 3 is camera lens reflection

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