select image for details Antique Sterling Silver Mustard, Preserve and Other Small Ladles with Oval, Elongated or Egg Shaped Bowls item number price
Antique English Victorian solid sterling silver Onslow pattern mustard ladle and salt spoon, Hilliard & Thomason, Birmingham 1881, 76mm, 11g. m7869 38
4" antique French solid high standard silver Old English pattern condiment ladle with demi-shell bowl, Antoine-Adrien Vautrin, Paris 1824-38, 105mm, 8g. m7860 reserved  28
4" antique English Edwardian solid sterling silver Old English pattern mustard ladle, Stokes & Ireland, Chester 1900, 99mm, 12g.
no engraving
m7776 18
SOLD Mustard Ladles