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SOLD Forks In Other Patterns

item number price
Twelve piece Edwardian solid silver dessert service with mother of pearl handles, Gs&Ss Co, London 1901, total 596g. m7073 250
Six 4 " cake forks, Barker Brothers, Birmingham 1932, silver 82g. m5706 90
Six 5 " silver pastry or cake forks, Sheffield 1931, 131mm, silver 89g. m6761 81
Child's set featuring cherub decoration, Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1913, 143mm, silver 52g. m6677 60
Fish eaters with carved mother of pearl handles, Goldsmiths & Silversmiths, London 1905, total 584g. m5396 390
8 " Tudor fork, George Adams, London 1851, 99g. M4437 80
7" Tudor fork, George Adams, London 1851, 63g. M4435 55
Twelve 6 " Dog Nose 3-tine dessert forks, James Parkes, London 1909, 578g. M4286 400
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