DESCRIPTION Superb collection of highest quality French loaded silver handled knives with stainless steel blades and a simple 'R' engraving to the cartouche on one side. Twenty-four table knives, twelve dessert knives and two butter knives. The decoration is thread and oak leaf. I cannot tell if the handle/blade joint is of the finest solder work that I have ever seen or simply traditional joints in superb condition. I think it best to play safe and not to put these in a dishwasher.
SILVERSMITH Emile Puiforcat, trading 1857-1945
DATE or HALLMARK high standard French mark used 1879-1973. If English I would think 1920s but as they are French I cannot be certain.
ASSAY OFFICE French export assay mark for highest standard .950 silver and sterling .925 mark, perhaps to comply with British law
WEIGHT in GRAMS total 2855
LENGTH tables 9 ", 248mm; desserts 8", 206mm; butters 8", 202mm
SILVER STANDARD .950 highest French standard and also marked .925 sterling silver
CONDITION excellent, blades marked Puiforcat but look far too good for their age so may have been replaced, re-polished or maybe just never used

Price 1298
item number: m7307
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