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Cased fish service with sterling silver handles, Sheffield 1934, total 607g. m8954 148
Four 10 " Old English & Thread Table Knives, Scarce Original Victorian, London 1853, George Adams, Blades Garrard, 269mm, total 378g. m8927 268
Big Antique Irish Silver Pointed Old English & Thread Pattern Dinner Knife, Dublin 1839, 11 +", 290mm, total 124g.
Viscount's Coronet above lion crest
m8925 68
Very unusual and superb quality set of six large antique Victorian sterling silver Old English pattern butter knives, Charles Boyton II, London 1897, 208mm, 348g. m8700 268
Six 10 " Old English Thread and Shell Table Knives, new taper stainless steel blades, Aaron Hadfield, Sheffield circa 1840, 268mm, total 550g. m8387 298
Large Old English Thread & Shell Carving Set, Francis Higgins II, London 1857, 14 ", 364mm, 327g.
new stainless steel blade & tines
m7938 198
Six antique English Victorian sterling silver handled Shell pattern table knives with new satin finger point stainless steel blades, Francis Higgins, London 1857, 258mm, total 618g. m7900-4 480
SOLD Old English Pattern Knives