DESCRIPTION One Georgian sliced meat serving fork, two large table knives and five dessert knives all with crested silver reed decorated pitch loaded handles. The blades and tines are likely to be the original old steel. There is some wear to the blades but they are all still serviceable in my opinion so I have not replaced them as it is so difficult to find useable Georgian steel.
DATE or HALLMARK not dated but circa 1790
WEIGHT in GRAMS total 562
LENGTH serving fork 9 ", 244mm; table knives 11", 272mm; dessert knives 8 ", 212mm;
SILVER STANDARD .925 sterling silver
CONDITION some little surface marks, all blades are firm within their handles but this is old pitch so I make no guarantee about their future working life before a re-load is required. The silver is good and thick with exceptionally clear hallmarks. The blades show wear but the steel is still thick. To prolong working life avoid immersion of the handles in water and certainly keep them out of a dishwasher.

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