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19th century Fiddle pattern table knives do not exist. A true Fiddle pattern knife handle is uncomfortable to use and aesthetically unappealing. A variety of other handle shapes were designed to go with this very popular pattern and it is these Fiddle pattern suitable knives that are listed here. The main exceptions are butter knives and similar flat pieces that work well in true Fiddle pattern.
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Superb Set of 24 Fiddle & Thread Pattern Knives, 12 Tables + 12 Desserts, Sheffield 1970. m8955 898

Shell pattern table knives with original steel blades by Hunt & Roskell, Francis Higgins, London 1857, 272mm.
quantity available plus matching carvers

There is the option of having new stainless blades in your choice of style and finish fitted for no extra charge.

m7900 480 for six
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