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5" sterling silver decanter or bottle coaster, MC Hersey, London 2000, 130mm, total 152g.
button inset
m7416 93
5 " sterling silver champagne bottle or decanter coaster with a flared and gadrooned top rim, Barker Ellis, Birmingham 1994, 146mm, total 223g.
button inset turned wood and felt bottom
m7407 98
Pair 5" silver decanter coasters with silver button inset turned wood bases and felt bottoms, London 1991, 130mm, 266g. m7191 227
5 " MC Hersey, London 1991, 140mm, total 195g.
button inset turned wood and felt bottom
m6936 113
5" W I Broadway, Birmingham 1990, 146g. m5142 100
Pair 5" solid sterling silver bottle or decanter coasters with pierced and engraved decoration, London 1978, 130mm, total 271g.
turned wood bases with felt bottoms
m7449 236
4 " silver bottle coaster inset 1977 Silver Jubilee crown and inscribed for the Merchant Taylor's Company, Searle & Co, London 1977, 110mm, total 89g. m6654 79
Pair 4" sterling silver bottle coasters, PH Vogel, Birmingham 1972, 106mm, total 208g.
turned wood and felt bottoms
m7430 128
6 " Scottish silver bottle coaster with Celtic knot rim, J B Chatterley & Sons, Edinburgh 1969, total 241g. m5259 114
3 " sterling silver mounted drinks coaster, L&S, Birmingham 1905, 83mm, total 17g. m7460 25
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