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Cigarette Case, Art Deco Silver Gilt, Smith & Bartlam, Birmingham 1939, 83mm, 79g. m8828 88
Cigarette Case, Silver Gilt, Mappin & Webb, Birmingham 1921, 82mm, 94g. m8827 98
Small German Art Deco Silver Gilt Cigarette Case, Josef Pauser, 80mm, 61g. m8826 58
5 " silver slide action cigarette case with a gilded interior, William Neale & Son, Birmingham 1951, 145mm, 219g. m8814 158
6 " silver cigarette case with a gilded interior, Smith & Bartlam, Birmingham 1944, 160mm, 248g. m8813 178
High quality antique English 5" gold applied silver slide action cigarette case, Asprey & Co., London 1922, 125mm, 189g. m8738 198
Beautiful and high quality silver cigarette case with water effect engine turned engraved decoration overlaid with gold bands of two colours, a matt gilded interior and cabochon gem set catch, London Chain Bag Co., London 1927, 84mm, 91g. m8735 168
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